Jujuna - New tool to simplify OpenStack upgrades with Juju


Hey Juju folks,

My colleague, Matúš Košút (@matuskosut), has developed a very handy tool called Jujuna for automating, testing and validating upgrades of OpenStack charms deployments. It allows us to quickly and systematically test both charm and actual OpenStack upgrades whenever there are new releases or changes made to our bundles. If you want to give it a spin with a small test deployment, then check out the examples from the docs.

Here is a short blog post introducing Jujuna with more details: https://huntdatacenter.github.io/jujuna/introduction/update/2018/11/23/introduction-to-jujuna.html

The Juju Show #45 - Jujuna OpenStack upgrades tested

Fantastic work, thanks @szeestraten and @matuskosut. Jujuna looks like a great addition to the ecosystem. OpenStack is a complex system and it’s always good to see tools appear that increase its usability.

I’ve only taken a short look, but the code looks very good . The README is very clear and the code is well structured.


That’s pretty cool. @beisner and @james-page might find this interesting as well.