Where did jujucharms.com go? jaas.ai? Really?

Also, where did the bug link on the charm pages go?


Can you elaborate on which charm you’re trying to access the bug link for.


Just try the keystone charm.

https://jujucharms.com/keystone has the link
https://jaas.ai/keystone/299 does not


Thanks, I’ll be sure we get that added back in.


The new UI is awesome! Great work on this!


Awe really … I think its clean and mean!


Guess I’m just wondering what’s up with the rebrand since the Canonical products tab still refers to Juju and jujucharms.com and you got discourse.jujucharms.com and docs.jujucharms.com. Also jaas doesn’t really seem to have the best seo ranking. I’m looking at page 4 on Google which ironically is a link to jujucharms.com.


The charms should now have the bugs link displayed: https://jaas.ai/keystone


A belated update from our lovely folks running things