Juju Show Wed, interest in a general Q&A hangout?


I’m going to be at the airport when we would be having the Juju Show Wed and so I wanted to gauge interest in just having a general hang out and chat show this week? Will folks be around 16:00UTC and interested in just catching up, asking questions, and maybe doing some show and tell/lightning talk style?

What’s folks think. It’ll be a bit unconventional but hey, let’s all catch up after that awesome holiday break?


I’m probably game, that’s like, 8am for me which means either anklebiter wrestling or some kind of standup most likely. I’ll poke my head round the door if I can!


That’s great. I’m game.


Looks like i’m double-booked now :frowning:


booooooooo :stuck_out_tongue:


Just setup a private meet hangout since it’s casual without the normal recording/etc. We can post any notes/etc back here.