Juju Show #43 - Nov 28th 18:00 UTC


<preparing for another Juju Show!>

Video streaming link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQbjUWay6lc

Community News


Juju 2.5 Beta 2

Make sure you’re tracking Juju 2.4 track (edge/candidate/etc) and latest or 2.5 snap track.

Featured Topic - LXD Profiles

Juju 2.5 brings with it the ability for charms to provide custom LXD profile tweaks to operate effectively in containers. Come see what Charmers need to know and what operators can expect.


  • Example charm

  • customizations allowed

    juju show-machine 2
    juju ssh 2
    lsmod | grep ip_tables
    lsmod | grep openvswitch
    lxc config show juju-b5f7da-2
    - default
    - juju-default
    - juju-default-neutron-openvswitch-329