Juju offline


Juju offline is not working. Controller creation in offline is not worked before but It was possible to deploy application from locally created image in offline. But today again when I was trying it is not working !!
juju installed from : snap install juju --classic
it was downloaded 2.6.5 may be . then back in 2.5.8-bionic-amd64 but still not working!!
Even If i back from offline to online, Juju is not working until I’m reboot my machine!!

just check my last topic:


Sorry to hear that you’re encountering issues with offline mode. Could you please post the sequence of commands that you’re using and the error message you’re encountering?

  1. first create a container: lxc launch ubuntu:18.04 test
  2. lxc exec test – /bin/bash to attach in test container and then install all application regurding charm installation.
  3. lxc publish test–alias juju/bionic/amd64 is used for create a image from container
    then use that image to deploy application.
  4. create a controller
  5. now goes for offline.
  6. after offline when i run juju status command, it is not responding.