Juju metadata generate-image


To create a image followed below steps:

  1. juju bootstrap localhost
  2. mkdir -p ~/simplestreams/images
  3. juju metadata generate-image -d ~/simplestreams -i {os_iamge_id} after this command it is showing following error:
    panic: empty value for "controller-uuid" found in configuration (type <nil>, val <nil>)

but if run the command juju show-controller:

controller-uuid: b30a8d0b-2915-4d9d-8625-e9193e35e764

controller-uuid is there.

the same way i tried few days ago, it was working … but not today !! Is it a bug?


You have indeed found a bug here, and it appears to be in the Juju 2.6 client.
A quick workaround is to downgrade to the Juju 2.5 snap

sudo snap refresh juju --channel 2.5/stable --classic


Yes, I am using Juju 2.6. ah , last time I used Juju 2.5 client. thank you.
And in Juju 2.6, after created a controller it is not showing all clouds list by running:
juju clouds
I think it is another bug…


Thanks for reporting. We’ll get a fix out soon.



For 2.6, juju clouds now lists the clouds inside the controller.
You want to run juju clouds --local to see locally defined clouds.

It appears this got omitted from the release notes so we’ll make a correction there.


Thank you @wallyworld