Juju, Marketing and the platform


Hello all, there isn’t really a place for this so, into the Users category it goes…

Juju Marketing

I have had this discussion a bunch of times with different people, but can we please try and get the brand out there. I appreciate at events “everyone knows Ubuntu” but in reality, if you’re getting people over to your stand to ask what Laptop they should buy, or whether the latest LTS works or not, that is fully skewing your metrics.

At the event last week, Ansible had “Ansible, by Redhat” on their stand. If you’re that determined to get Ubuntu in there at least work the platform name in there somehow. Its such a slog trying to sell platform no one has heard of and could spend 3 days at an event and still haven’t heard of. Sure you’re selling a story, not a product, but not having anything to google afterwards, makes the challenge all the more tricky.

Selling Solutions

Secondly, I like whats happened to the website, and I appreciate its a work in progress as things diverge into new site vs old site.

One thing I’d like people to think about when reorganising stuff, and I appreciate I come at this purely from a big data angle, not any other way, but when I go to Cloudera for example, Hadoop barely gets a mention, but Products and even more so, Solutions, all get mentions. Now, I know we’re not yet in the best place to advertise solutions, but we’re not far off. Can we try and come up with a way for people to buy solutions. We can do better at Spicule to provide solutions, and I feel you guys can do a better job in providing people who are “just browsing” rather than looking for Juju specific stuff, in guiding them to these solutions as we make them available. We need to drive people more effectively.



Hi Tom,

I think the points you made are really useful; you highlight some of the topics that need to be discussed on different levels. As an example, we were in Big Data London together last year, and during the day I spent at the booth I often heard from people “Ubuntu and big data? Tell me about”. Ubuntu brand was clearly an important entry point for many visitors. We should at the same time market also Juju (or JAAS? And then Juju through it?) itself as a brand, as a solution by Canonical; this wasn’t mention on the booth. When we talked about Juju itself, people were genuinely impressed by the possibilities that it provides, and by the available solutions.

About the new website, some weeks ago I shared with you and Steve the work in progress for JAAS.ai, and I mentioned to Steve the future vision to target customers on a more consumer/experts level. I will setup another call with you and Steve, and I would like to give you some more information and updates on what we are working on, and what we are discussing in order to move things forward. As always, your input and feedback would be really appreciated and helpful.

Thank you,