Juju, Kubernetes and Cross Model Relations


Maybe it’s not obvious, but k8s workloads deployed by Juju can be used in cross model relations. This can be useful when you have a workload that can only be best run on a traditional vm cloud or bare metal, which you want to use with a k8s workload.

Here’s a quick intro to show how to spin up a working example or 2. We’ll deploy using a LXD controller and microk8s.

First, bootstrap a controller and deploy a vm workload (to the default model). Then offer that workload.

juju bootstrap lxd
juju deploy mariadb
juju offer mariadb:db

Now let’s register microk8s and deploy mediawiki.

microk8s.config | juju add-k8s k8scmr
juju add model test k8scmr
juju deploy cs:~juju/mediawiki-k8s

The mediawiki app will be blocked until it is related to a database. Let’s relate to the offer running in the LXD model.

juju relate mediawiki-k8s default.mariadb

We can also relate purely k8s workloads across models. Let’s first deploy gitlab alongside mediawiki in the same model.

juju deploy cs:~juju/gitlab-k8s

Now add a new k8s model and deploy mariadb and make an offer.

juju add-model k8sdb k8scmr
juju deploy cs:~juju/mariadb-k8s
juju offer mariadb-k8s:server mariadb

Switch back to the model running gitlab and relate to the k8s mariadb offer.

juju switch test
juju relate gitlab-k8s k8sdb.mariadb

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