Juju K8S models Ceph backed storage


Hi folks

I saw the example for AWS/EBS backed juju operational storage. Does the same work for my K8S cluster that has a Ceph backed storage pool?


As a guess I tried this and failed:

ubuntu@juju:~$ juju create-storage-pool operator-storage kubernetes storage-class=juju-operator-storage storage-provisioner=csi-rbdplugin
ERROR facade "Storage" not supported for a CAAS model API connection (not supported)


Ah, did a controller upgrade and its started doing something…


Yeah, what you had should work. Since this stuff is in active development, we recommend using the latest 2.5 (edge) snap. There’s a bunch of additional stuff going into the 2.6 snap which we will soon recommend as the version to use if you want the latest and greatest.


Yeah with the upgrade and stuff it allowed me to add it, it didn’t actually create any storage though so i went back to using the no provisioner. I’ll check again tomorrow.