Juju GUI 2.14.0 Released


Juju GUI 2.14.0 Released

The JAAS team is happy to announce the latest release of the Juju GUI.

[2.14.0] - 2018-10-01


  • Applications deployed via a bundle will now be grouped in the inspector with easy access to their details pages and their post deployment content.
  • Send analytics ping when exporting bundle.


  • Expand eslint linting rules. Use --fix on save to auto format into the correct syntax.
  • Continued worked on making React components sharable.


  • Beta status notice has been removed.


  • Ensure that IP address display correctly on the Profile page.
  • Export bundles with series information for applications to fix multi-series deployment issues when the model has a different series than the application and specified machine.
  • If a charm cannot be found in the charm store, do not fail when trying to read it from the endpoints map.
  • Importing a bundle file has been disabled when in read-only mode.
  • Post deployment component now correctly updates and handles no-get-started gracefully.
  • Fix post deployment so that it shows even if the bundle is modified.
  • The GUI now passes the correct flags to destroy unused storage instances when destroying a model.

How to upgrade


JAAS users have already been automatically upgraded to this version.

Self-managed controller

Have an administrator run: juju upgrade-gui.

While we always recommend staying up to date with the GUI releases, if you’re interested in running a different version you can download the dists then run juju upgrade-gui /path/to/dist

How to contribute

Thank you from the JAAS team!

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