Juju enable-ha to diferent vms


Hey, i have 3 vms and a controller to another cloud deployed un one of those vms, so my goal is to enable-ha and deploy 2 more controllers to the openstack cloud somewhere else into each vm, now ive been trying to manual cluster these 3 vms and deploy juju enable-ha --to=vm1.vm,vm2.vm thins is they are now in different clouds they cannot see eachother, im not sure if my aproach to the problem its the right one, or if anyoine could point me in the right direction,



The MongoDB replica set (one member on each controller machine) maintains its primary/replica arrangement independently, so each controller machine will need its traffic to be able to be routed to each of the others. Firewalls also need to let this traffic through.

Each machine running application units will also need to be able to communicate to each controller machine and as above, the controller API ports need to be accessible.


Hey, probably i didnt explain myself correctly, the need is for 3 different controllers on HA, the mongodb service HA, got it covered