Juju charm hook


I am creating a charm by using below command:
Charm create -t python test

then i created charm-helpers.yaml file and wrote below lines:
destination: lib/charmhelpers
branch: lp:charm-helpers
- core
- contrib.storage
- fetch

but my charms are missing osplatform.py file . so added that file from mongodb charm. so far everything is fine. I am not using reactive way.so added all of my hooks. but problem is when I am making relation that time database-relation-changed hook is repeated 3 or 4 times. so first time everything is working fine but from second time it is giving error because all the changes is performed first time :slight_smile:
for example:

unit-test-16: 18:45:57 INFO juju.worker.uniter.operation skipped "update-status" hook (missing)
unit-test1-27: 18:46:58 INFO juju.worker.uniter.operation skipped "update-status" hook (missing)

is there any issue? or I cant use python charm without reactive way?

Charm problems with bash hooks

@rick_h is it any issue!!