Juju bootstrap vsphere - Unsupported hardware family



Hi all,

Im trying to bootstrap a vsphere(vcenter)5.1 and i having this error:

Unsupported hardware family ‘vmx-10’

what do you think ?

Many thanks in advance !



If possible, would you be able to re-run the command with the --verbose and --debug options (see below) and upload the full output from the bootstrap process to paste.ubuntu.com? That will help diagnose where the problem is.

juju --debug --verbose bootstrap ...


Thanks @timClicks the problem was related to the juju - vsphere version compatibility:
**juju --version: 2.6.9-genericlinux-amd64 | ESXi 5.1 **

In the documentation say: ESXi 5.0 (or greater) and it is not true. At least in my case.

I have two environments, one ESXi 5.1 and other with ESXi 6.7

In the 5.1 doesn’t work but in the 6.7 works perfectly. The thing is the VM created is ESXi 5.5 and later. this is why i think we need to update the documentation. Using VMware vSphere with Juju | Juju