Juju 2.4.7 now released!


The Juju team is pleased to announce the release of Juju 2.4.7!

This is a bug fix release including the fixes below:

  • LP #1803484 - httpserver worker restart with controller-api-port gets stuck
  • LP #1778033 - juju stuck attaching storage to OSD

Additional bugs fixed can be found in the milestone page.

Disabling juju state metrics

It was found that for some large controllers where the metrics were being scraped into prometheus, the collection of some metrics related to information stored in the database was slow and causing timeouts.
To deal with this issue we have added a controller config feature to disable the gathering of those metrics.

This can be enabled using

juju controller-config features=[disable-state-metrics]

This can be set before upgrading to 2.4.7, or if set after, the controller will need to be restarted.

Install Juju

Install Juju using the snap:

sudo snap install juju --classic

Those users already using the ‘stable’ snap channel (the default as per the above command) should be upgraded automatically. Other packages are available for a variety of platforms (see the install documentation).

Feedback Appreciated

Let us know how you’re using Juju or of any questions you may have. You can join us on Discourse, send us a message on Twitter (hashtag #jujucharms), or talk to us in the #juju IRC channel on freenode.

Juju Show #43 - Nov 28th 18:00 UTC