Hello folks,

I asked this on IRC but everyone was asleep, now everyone’s clocked off for the weekend but at least it’ll remain until monday.

If I were looking to build a webapp that leverages Juju, is there any reason for me not to use js-libjuju. Before I head down a rabbit hole I can’t get out of and should be using python-libjuju or something.




I would guess that whatever the Juju GUI uses is going to be the most complete answer for JS. It would depend heavily on what you’re doing as to whether you want it to be rendered in the client browser like Juju GUI or on the server side with python-libjuju.


Thanks @jameinel, yeah from an operational standpoint I don’t have any issues doing stuff in a browser, just making sure as its not seen any commits for a few months since @hatch pushed some stuff that its not marked for retirement or anything.

Whatever I use needs to talk plain Juju and not just JAAS also, so there’s that requirement.



Hi @magicaltrout there aren’t any known breaking issues with it and it’s still maintained by yours truely :slight_smile: . It should work fine for you whether you’re writing JS on the client or server and it supports both callback and promises (async/await) workflows. It’s also fully documented with examples to help make using it easier.

It does talk ‘pure juju’ :wink:

I’ll be sure to be available online to give you a hand next week if you need.