JAAS seems pretty sad


Hello, doubt anyone is around on Saturday, but

bugg@spicule-dev:~> juju deploy ~spiculecharms/druid-hadoop
Located bundle "cs:~spiculecharms/bundle/druid-hadoop-1"
Resolving charm: cs:~spiculecharms/druid-broker-17
Resolving charm: cs:~spiculecharms/druid-config-47
Resolving charm: cs:~spiculecharms/druid-coordinator-48
Resolving charm: cs:~spiculecharms/druid-historical-22
Resolving charm: cs:~spiculecharms/druid-middlemanager-26
Resolving charm: cs:~spiculecharms/druid-overlord-29
Resolving charm: cs:mysql-58
Resolving charm: cs:hadoop-namenode-46
Resolving charm: cs:openjdk-5
Resolving charm: cs:hadoop-plugin-46
Resolving charm: cs:hadoop-resourcemanager-48
Resolving charm: cs:hadoop-slave-47
Resolving charm: cs:zookeeper-53
Executing changes:
- upload charm cs:~spiculecharms/druid-broker-17 for series xenial

it’s been sat like that for the last 10 minutes…


@magicaltrout seen some issues with GCE controller and that it may go through VM upgrade. Still having problems?


@uros-jovanovic that one ended:

ERROR cannot deploy bundle: cannot add charm "cs:~spiculecharms/druid-broker-17": connection is shut down 

running it again, but its not looking any happier tbh


Quick bounce of troublesome jujud helped a bit. Still very slow to respond, deploy of a k8s bundle takes more than 45min :-/ We’ll look into fixing it, but try aws eu-central-1 as an alternative. Also added us-central1 model.


As all the models have vanished do I just assume its now really broken ? :wink:


All back now :slight_smile: