Is the Reactive Framework Making Juju Slow? ⏱ - My Experiences With Juju So Far

Hey everybody, just a quick updated on Lucky’s status:

We recently pushed our first charm to the charm store with Lucky, though there is still a chunk of work to be done before it is “production ready”.

I just finished implementing the ability to run charm scripts inside of Docker containers, leaving only two major features to work in before we have all of the major features that we want to get into the first release. The remaining features are:

  • :white_check_mark: Cron jobs:
    • Cron jobs will give you a way to execute charm logic periodically according to a cron schedule. This cron schedule is local to the charm and does not touch the system crontab.
    • Edit: Cron jobs and async hook scripts are now merged!
  • :timer_clock: Reactive features:
    • The reactive features will allow you to trigger charm scripts in response to changes in the charm’s built-in key-value store and in response to changes in the charm config.

The next charm we are going to publish will be an HAProxy charm leveraging Let’s Encrypt to automatically generate and renew SSL certificates for related applications.

Soon we will be writing up all of the documentation and have a getting started guide for Lucky. Hopefully Lucky will soon be ready to use! :smiley: