Installing Charmed OSM


This guide will walk you through installing the Charmed Distribution of OSM.


We suggest the following minimum requirements:

  • Ubuntu Bionic
  • 4 CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 50G free disk space

Getting Started

Install the basic prerequisites.

sudo snap install juju --classic
sudo snap install osmclient --edge

Connect Snap Interface

By default, snaps need to be given permissions to read hidden resources in your home directory. This will allow the osmclient snap to access your Juju configuration.

sudo snap connect osmclient:juju-client-observe

Bootstrap Juju on LXD

NOTE: It is not necessary to use sudo with any juju command. Doing so may lead to permission denied errors.

Bootstrap the Juju controller, on LXD, that OSM will use to deploy proxy charms.

juju bootstrap localhost osm-lxd

Choose and configure your Kubernetes

  • MicroK8s
  • Charmed Kubernetes (Coming soon)

Install OSM

Generate a bundle overlay containing the credentials of our OSM Juju controller and deploy



Choose how you would like Charmed OSM to be deployed.


The standalone version is perfect for evaluation and development purposes. Each component is installed with a single instance, ideal for running on a laptop or workstation, pairing well with microk8s.

juju deploy osm --overlay vca-overlay.yaml


For production use, we offer a high-availability version of Charmed OSM. Each component will be deployed in clusters of three units setup with failover, and requires significantly more resources to operate.

juju deploy osm-ha --overlay vca-overlay.yaml

Charmed OSM documentation