Heads up - k8s charm issue we're working on


There’s a window where adding a relation can result in a charm putting an empty address in relation data after it calls network-get to retrieve the info. The other side of the relation doing a relation-get will then not get what is needed.

There will be log messages like this:

WARNING worker.uniter.jujuc network-get.go:222 The address "" is neither an IP address nor a resolvable hostname
INFO juju-log server:0: network info {'bind-addresses': [{'macaddress': '', 'interfacename': '', 'addresses': [{'hostname': '', 'address': '', 'cidr': ''}]}], 'egress-subnets': ['/128'], 'ingress-addresses': ['', '']}

We’re working on a fix. Until then you can work around then issue by delaying adding relations until juju status shows the applications/units as active with an IP address.


hi @wallyworld , what versions are known to be affected?, do you have a LP bug where we can track the status?


It sounds like this is only for K8s charms, not as a general issue. But we should hear that from Ian.


Sorry, I should have been more explicit. I posted in the Kubernetes section because it’s only relevant to k8s charms. It’s not a general issue. It’s just a heads up for folks kicking the Juju-k8s tyres.


This issue has been resolved with an update to the mariadb charm and a new version pushed to the staging store.