Github actions - Alive!


Github actions have recently been turned on for Juju and I’ve taken the advantage of using them to now run our static analysis checks. The great news for all of this is that we’re now containerised per branch, for the static analysis checks. So develop is using 1.12 and in the future, some other branch can easily use 1.13 or swap to go modules without disrupting other branches with in the repo.

The way that I’ve wired the github actions up calls directly into our new integration test suite. This gives us the opportunity to validate the new infrastructure and validate that it is portable between various setups.

You can see it in action for the “Go” workflow.

Windows and MacOS

Github also provides Windows and MacOS containers to use, but as always it’s never as simple as just working!

  • MacOS is missing docker - I’ll have to install docker manually :cry: :
  • Windows just doesn’t like containers, so this will get it’s own job and I’ll have to somehow install Mongo from the shell. :sob:

When I get 5-10 minutes, I do want to get both of these running and disabling these jobs in Jenkins will then mean we can improve our internal CI.

Small steps.


I got macOS working, you can see it working for PR #10667