[getting started] Juju Controller Configuration


Just wanted to bring this to light as I am scanning through … I can’t seem to locate any documentation on what constraints and bootstrap-constraints are available, even more so what config is available to me when bootstrapping. Can we highlight a page in the docs where controller configuration/getting started references a clear list or table of the configurations that are available to a user when getting started and creating a juju controller?

As an example, I am trying to look into how to bootstrap using ssl, and can’t seem to locate anything that tells me what my options are (other then @rick_h golden goose blog posts on bootstrapping and controller lifecycle) - I’m just not sure where to go or what to do.

Do others feel this?

HA Controllers, FQDNs, Lets Encrypt/User Provided Key/Cert

Hi James, this is what I did:

Docs TOC > Controllers > Configuring controllers

There are a few ‘autocert’ options there. Let me know if something is amiss so the navigation and/or pages can be improved.


That is beautiful. And exactly what I am looking for, not really sure how I missed this. Let give it a mull over and I’ll drop some feedback. Thank you @pmatulis

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