Getting "request you have made requires authentication"


When i am trying to bootstrap a controller for private openstack cloud, i am getting this error

request (https://************/v3/auth/tokens) returned unexpected status: 401; error info: Failed: 401 error: The request you have made requires authentication.

I am using juju 2.5.4-xenial-amd64

I have installed it using ppa.

Please suggest how to proceed.

Best regards,
Amit Joshi


Usually that happens when there is something wrong with your credentials. Are you using userpass, keypair, or legacy? (Those are 3 “AuthModes” that we support, which sets the other keys.)


Yes. I am using userpass as authentication. I am sure i have given correct username password and api details.

Is there a way i could see what values does it take while trying to connect to the api?

Best regards,
Amit Joshi