Getting error status


Hello ,

I have deployed my charm locally but I need to run juju debug-hooks myapp/0 in order to get started status for this charm and can use it in my application, please explain to me why I have to run hooks every time to keep my charm running and working fine

Thanks in advance


Is your charm’s source code publicly accessible?


No , I have deployed it to AWS cloud and added one shared user to access it by my team


“juju debug-hooks” skips running your actual hook in favor of letting you do the steps manually in a terminal. My guess is you have something wrong (a typo, an incorrect step that is erroring) in your start hook or one of your other hooks. By running ‘juju debug-hooks’ you are skipping the hook. I would think ‘juju status’ would report what hook failed and the error that happened. You can use that to figure out what the problem is in your hook.

You can also look at “juju debug-log” which should report what hooks are running and what messages they are reporting.


I have tried “juju debug-hooks” and the package installation is working fine but when do exit from debug-hooks it will return to error status , why should i have to run the hooks manually and keep it running in order to use my charm in my backend code ?


So you shouldn’t have to run debug-hooks ever to make things work. The fact that you do indicates a bug in the hooks themselves. But since you have said it is a private charm, we can’t look at the code and see what was wrong, which is why I was trying to point you in the right direction to find how to fix it.