Dial tcp 54.***.***.**:17***: connect: connection refused



i’m trying to deploy on my controller but i’m getting the below error :
ERROR POST dial tcp 54.***.***.**:17***: connect: connection refused

it was working fine but all of sudden it stopped and start giving me this error , is there a limi of deployment on one controller ?


I’m not sure what you mean deploying on one controller. You can do HA for multiple controllers and you can deploy applications onto those machines using placement directives in the controller model.

That error looks like the controller process stopped and isn’t responding. You can see to the machine and check that the jujud process is running and if not investigate the logs on the the system to see if there’s additional details.


Hi, I too had the same error or issue, whats the solution of the issue or error.
I’m trying to bootstrap controller in aws in particular vpc(this is not default vpc in that region). Used the below command:

ubuntu@x86inst-1a:~$ juju bootstrap --config "vpc-id=vpc-08b1e3735cf3" --config "vpc-id-force=true" aws test

it gives the error as below:

ERROR unable to contact api server after 1 attempts: unable to connect to API: dial tcp connect: connection refused

My another doubts,

  • will Juju don’t work in private subnet?? if yes then the whole point of private subnet is to be secure and to do our work or workloads securely. how can we make juju work in private subnet

  • can we --config or give --constraints for parameters like security group, subnet in aws. if yes what are the commands, is their any aws concentric documentation? can we give or specify those constraints during bootstrap or will only work for adding model/machine?