Deploy from local to AWS


Hello ,

I have a concern , we have AWS cloud but currently I want to use my local first before deploying anything to AWS. what’s the ideal way of deploying from local cloud to AWS cloud ?



Since Juju works on many different clouds it’s very common to use a lxd (localhost) provider to test and validate work on charms and models and then repeat those deployments against a public cloud, like AWS.

Check out this docs link for getting started with the local provider if you’re on Ubuntu and have access to LXD.


thanks , but I can’t simply do juju switch to change the cloud from local to AWS and then deploy the charm juju deploy myCharm ?


You have to bootstrap on both of the clouds you want to use. You would then use switch to change which controller is “active”.

You can run as many controllers as you’d like and use switch to move between them as you need.