Controller for vsphere-cloud only uses ESXi host it was bootstrapped on

Same here. Tried everything to get the deployment to a specific host via bundle yaml contraints:


Nothing worked. Every time a get a
ERROR cannot deploy bundle: cannot create machine for holding etcd unit: cannot add a new machine: availability zone “CLUSTERNAME/HOSTFQDN” not found

Edit: I tried it with “VM/Host Groups” inside the cluster, but it still fails.

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Hi @panda - are you trying to deploy to a specific host inside a cluster? I don’t think the Juju zones constraint provides a way to specify a specific host inside a cluster - anything after the first slash is interpreted as a resource pool, not a host.

If you’re trying to deploy to a host or cluster, the name used should be whatever is displayed in the vSphere web client for the host/cluster, not the FQDN (unless they happen to be the same).