[COMPLETED] Maintenance on JAAS controllers GCE us-east1 and AWS us-east-1


Hi all,

I will perform maintenance on the JAAS controllers in GCE us-east1 and AWS us-east-1 tomorrow morning (2018-05-21) at approximately 8AM CEST (6AM UTC).

The controllers will be unavailable during the maintenance, but your running units will not be impacted. I will update this post when I start and finish each.

Thank your for your understanding !


Maintenance is now starting on JAAS GCE us-east1. Sorry for the delay, maintenance prep took longer than anticipated. AWS us-east-1 is moved to Thursday.


Maintenance is now complete on JAAS GCE us-east1.


Appreciate the updates @axino. Thanks also for your help in IRC.


Reminder : JAAS AWS us-east-1 will be undergoing maintenance starting tomorrow Thursday 2019-05-23 at around 6AM UTC.


JAAS AWS us-east-1maintenance is starting now.


Maintenance finished some time ago. Not all problems were resolved, but we should be much more stable now.