CI runs with feature branches


Every so often you want to have a feature branch to enable prototyping or hacking on a specific feature that is unlikely to ever be merged directly into develop[1]. To prevent excess noise within the jenkins CI and waste resources that could potentially block other jobs, you can name your branch with the prefix feature-. Any feature branches will no longer run for that branch.

[1] It is assumed that to land the prototype, one potential workflow is to cherry-pick the commits into a new non-feature branch that is production worthy and then create a pull-request from that.


I don’t quite understand what you mean with “name your branch feature- and then feature branches will no longer run for that branch”.
I’m guessing you mean CI tests won’t run for the branch? Is that only for branches that are in the main repo?
Or is this all more about when proposing a branch as a WIP it won’t cause CI to run the merge proposals on them?


Typo: was intended to state that your feature branches will not be tested or merged, because we black list them.

This was originally intended for @wallyworld prototype stomping ground, but was made more generic for others.