[Call for Testing] Using Juju on vSphere with vSAN


Juju 2.6.7 is expected to be released within a week. If you would like a sneak peek at one of its features, you’re very welcome to test it out. Juju’s edge snap includes a patch to support vSAN deployments.


VMware provides an excellent private cloud automation solution called vSphere. Until now, Juju lacked the ability to deploy to deployments that made use of high-availability data volumes are known as vSAN.

We believe that Juju is the easiest way to deploy and manage a Kubernetes deployment on your cloud platform of choice. We would love to hear feedback if support can be improved further!

Test Juju on VMware vSphere backed with vSAN

To fetch the Juju edge snap, use the --channel option.

snap refresh --channel=2.6/edge juju
juju (2.6/edge) 2.6.7+2.6-1d361a1 from Canonical✓ refreshed

Add a controller machine on your vSphere deployment. If you haven’t connected to vSphere before, follow these link to instructions for the add-cloud command.

juju bootstrap <cloud-name> \
  --config datastore=<datastore-name> \
  --config primary-network=<network-name>
09:07:42 INFO  juju.cmd supercommand.go:57 running juju [2.6.7 gc go1.10.4]

Once the bootstrap process is complete, deploy Charmed Kubernetes:

juju deploy charmed-kubernetes

Monitoring the deployment is easy in the command line:

watch -c juju status --color

To use Juju’s web interface, run juju gui and it will provide you with your login details.

More info

This video introduction from August 2018 provides a good overview of managing a Kubernetes deployment with Juju via JAAS:

Juju 2.6.8 Release Notes
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