Bootstrap controller patched to 2 networks (openstack provider)



I’d need to bootstrap a controller on 2 networks. It seems that “–model-default network=XXX” is only allowed once. However, one of the networks has internet access (Juju runs apt) and the other network gives access to the Identity Service.

Initially, it’s the juju client node that will request Keystone to spawn the controller. But it seems, the controller needs to retrieve its own details from the Nova API.

I’ve seen that “–bootstrap-contraints space=…” is only available in EC2 and MAAS, not OpenStack.

Am I missing anything?

Thank you for your help.


Correct, Juju doesn’t currently have a method of requesting VMs from Nova with multiple nics. It’s a roadmap feature for the 20.04 cycle that we’re actively working towards.

The only path that would work out here would be to manually create the controller machines as you need, bootstrap to them, and see if Juju will use that to work out. My only concern is if we’ll make the right calls on the right devices given whatever is default gateway.