ApacheCon 2019 Presentations - Getting communities to own their releases


The ApacheCon 2019 CFP is open and its the 20th anniversary in Vegas so should be a big one.

I’m still waiting on Visa application nonsense so I hope I can go, but in the meantime, I’ve submitted a few talks:

Building big data platforms
Deploying Apache Druid on Kubernetes without a PhD
Data Management for Dummies

all of which involve Juju & Charms in some form or other in the demo.

I’m hoping it’ll help us gain some traction with the communities at the ASF to push charm maintenance upstream. I’ll probably also pitch some stuff about Snapcraft packages as my Apache Tika snaps were well received by the community even if I’m currently still the maintainer of them.

I’d love to see more adoption from the ASF on a charm/snap front and if I can get more exposure of them to users I’m hopeful it will help foster some adoption.

The Juju Show #46 - Machine Learning with Kubeflow March 27th 15:00UTC

That sounds awesome! My team’s been working on several event-streaming-related snaps and charms: zookeeper, kafka and ksql-server so far. We’ve wanted features in Kafka and Zookeeper newer than those packaged by bigtop, so we’ve had to make our own derivatives of these, but we’d like to eventually contribute these back to Apache, or at least build some community around them if others are interested.

At the moment we’re working on features like nagios & prometheus monitoring, TLS encryption with certificates managed by the easyrsa charm and juju storage. We’re considering Kerberos support as well.

The snaps are designed to install into the charms for scaling out, but they also install standalone for a quick and easy development environment. For example, snap install kafka gets you up and running with a snap-confined kafka & zookeeper running on localhost. A lot of our streaming consumers and producers are developed in Go, the snap has been great for local development, testing and demos. “microkafka” anyone? :slight_smile:

We’re still bringing these up and getting them stable, but would be great to eventually get these contributed to Apache in some form:


Thanks for that Casey,

I’m sure we can do something to make that happen. I want to work with a few communities about getting these types of things included into their official release process. Mostly off the back of my thinking here: Getting communities involved

They don’t seem to be doing workshops this year, but I might also pitch something specifically about Snap packaging and Juju deployments as they have a focus on “integration” in the CFP page. I have no clue if it’d get accepted but if I could do a 40 minute workshop on the high level bits and pieces with some core examples, that might be pretty good.